Disposable Vape Online in Pakistan

Buy Disposable Vape in Pakistan from Rockstar as we are proudly amongst the first vape store to bring disposable vapes in Pakistan.  We stock the most authentic and largest collection of disposable vape in Pakistan. You can select the puff count of your choice from 800 to 15,000 or choose brand wise. We have carefully selected the top brands that are durable, high quality, ensures the promised or advertised puffs and has smooth flavors with high grade nicotine.

Some of our top selling brands are Slugger, Klikit, Ripper, Rufpuf, Escobar, IVG Max Bar, IVG Regal, MNKE Bar, VUSE GO, FUMMO INDIC, Pop Vapor and Panther Bar.

Buy in confidence with a 100% no question ask replacement policy.

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Disposable Vape Online in Pakistan


Disposable Vape is hassle free:

Disposable vapes are ideal for anyone seeking hassle free vaping experience. No Refill, long charging and as easy as unpack your favorite flavor and go! Disposable vape devices come in style, brands, quality, puff counts and flavors. Buy Disposable Vape Online from our website and choose the one you like and pay via Cash on Delivery or Credit Card for a hassle free vaping experience.

Disposable Vape Benefits:

Zero maintenance, no spit-back, solid leak proof, rechargeable, on point flavor delivery, ready on the go, solid nicotine delivery due to its eliquid saturated cotton based tank as opposed to traditional tank that is filled with eliquid, screen options for eliquid capacity and remaining battery and vast variety of flavors are some of the top benefits of Disposable Vapes.


Disposable Vape Online Sale in Pakistan:

Rockstar being amongst the first company to introduce disposable vapes in Pakistan carries the widest range carefully chosen to suit your style and preference. The starting price is just Rs. 999 so hop in and break away from smoking tobacco. Choose disposable vape, choose Rockstar, choose Life.