Ivg Regal Disposable Pakistan

Ivg Regal Disposable Pakistan. IVG (I Vape Great) REGAL 6000 PUFFS 2% Disposable is a premium disposable vape device offering an extraordinary experience. Developed by IVG, a well-known and reputable brand in the vaping industry, the REGAL 6000 PUFFS is designed to deliver an impressive number of puffs and exceptional flavors.

One of the standout features of the IVG REGAL 6000 PUFFS is its staggering 6000-puff capacity, making it one of the longest-lasting disposable vapes on the market. With this incredible battery life, vapers can enjoy extended vaping sessions without worrying about recharging or running out of power.

This disposable vape is pre-filled with high-quality e-liquid, ensuring consistent flavor delivery throughout its lifespan. The 2% nicotine concentration strikes a perfect balance, catering to both beginners and experienced vapers seeking a satisfying throat hit without overwhelming harshness.

IVG takes pride in crafting a diverse range of delectable flavors, and the REGAL 6000 PUFFS doesn’t disappoint. Whether you prefer fruit-based blends like “Strawberry Watermelon” or the refreshing “Blue Raspberry Ice,” there is a flavor option to tantalize every taste bud.

In terms of design, the IVG REGAL 6000 PUFFS features a sleek and ergonomic profile that fits comfortably in the hand. Its lightweight construction makes it ideal for on-the-go use, ensuring vapers can enjoy their favorite flavors anytime, anywhere.

The IVG REGAL 6000 PUFFS 2% Disposable is a high-performing and long-lasting disposable vape device that combines convenience, satisfying flavors, and excellent vapor production. Whether you’re a novice vaper looking for a hassle-free experience or an experienced vaper searching for a reliable and flavorful option, this disposable vape from IVG is worth considering.

IVG 6000Puffs Specification:

High Puff Count: The “IVG REGAL 6000 PUFFS 2% Disposable” likely boasts an impressive puff count of 6000, making it suitable for extended use without the need for recharging or refilling.
Nicotine Strength: The disposable may contain 2% (20mg) nicotine strength e-liquid, which is a common concentration in disposable vapes. This level of nicotine is generally considered suitable for most adult smokers transitioning to vaping.

Pre-filled E-liquid: The device comes pre-filled with e-liquid, eliminating the need for messy refills. Users can enjoy the convenience of a fully charged and ready-to-use disposable vape.
Auto-draw Functionality: With an auto-draw feature, users can simply inhale to activate the device and produce vapor. No buttons or complicated settings are required.

Compact and Portable Design: Like most disposable vapes, the IVG REGAL 6000 PUFFS 2% Disposable is designed to be compact and easy to carry, making it suitable for vaping on the go.
Leak-Proof Design: Quality disposables often have leak-proof designs, ensuring a mess-free vaping experience.

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