Slugger Disposable Vape 6000 puffs

Pakistan #1 Choice: Slugger Disposable Vape 6000 puffs is first 6000 puff rechargeable disposable vape that hit Pakistan market with a storm. It is basically a Canadian product that provides very high quality nicotine and deliveries consistent, mouthful flavors till the end of 6000 puffs. Customers can easily charge this device on a daily basis so you get the max value for money as the disposable will end once 15ml eliquid is fully consumed. 

Rockstar Vapor is proud and exclusive distributor of Slugger flavors in Pakistan. We carry the widest range of Nicotine salts including Slugger and Disposable Vape including Slugger disposables Vapes.

We accept cash on delivery, credit and debit cards on our website and deliver same day in Karachi and overnight across Pakistan via Leopard/TCS. OR you can visit our outlets in DHA Phase 5 or Clifton Block 5. 

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Slugger Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs in Pakistan

You have heard it right, this disposable lasts longer than all other options in the market and tastes mouthful.

Slugger Disposable Vape Nicotine Strength:

Slugger Disposable Vape comes in 3 nicotine options, 20mg, 40mg and 50mg. Each nicotine strength is ideal for different kind of vapers. If you are looking for a mild hit then 20mg is right for you, if you are an average smoker so you can choose 40mg, while 50mg is for someone looking for stronger and substantial nicotine hit.

Slugger Disposable Vape Rechargeable battery (1000mAh):

The 1000mAh battery will last you a full day without having to charge the device, once discharged you can use Type-C to recharge it, which takes 30 minutes to full charge the device. 

Slugger Disposable Vape Coils: 

Slugger Disposable Vape comes with Mesh coil, a technology that provides enhanced flavors and lasts longer. No more burn taste.

Slugger Disposable Vape Flavors:

Slugger Disposable Vapes comes in 15+ flavors to choose from, all of them are all day vape and quite friendly to numerous kind of vapers.