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Cucumber 3% – JUUL PODs


Cucumber 3% Juul Pakistan

  • Subtle cucumber flavor with a hint of mint.
  • Each JUULpod contains ~0.7mL with 3% nicotine by weight.
Cucumber 3% Juul Pakistan. Cucumber Juul Pods is a genuinely one-of-a kind flavor because of the Delivering the sort of refreshment that only cucumber can. On sunny day, this nicotine free pods sink into the body as a sweet sensation just pushing you to add. Also, this pod has a beautiful arrogance which makes the consumer smile at mile from absolutely nothing but the immaculate fragrance which he/she inhales.



Juul Mango Mangue Pods Pakistan

Rich mango with hints of tropical fruits. Each JUUL pod contains ~0.7mL with 3% nicotine by weight. We are delivering this top quality juul pods in pakistan to your doorstep at best price. Mango juul pods in pakistan is one of our best selling juul product in pakistan.


Menthol Juul Pods Pakistan is bold menthol flavour with an icy finish, perfect for those who smoke menthol (Menthol Juul Pods Pakistan) flavours and looking to make the switch to vaping. Menthol JUUL Pods in Pakistan are available in a variety of pre-filled e-liquids flavours allowing for it to be easily replaceable. Prominent Flavour(s): Menthol