Pop Vapor Nic Salt Pakistan

Pop vapor nic salt pakistan. We are consistently testing new flavor pairings, always putting us ahead in the market. We offer over 25 different flavor varieties, ranging from drinks, fruits, tobacco and many more to come.
Our pop devices are crafted with the finest picked extracts and flavors ensuring a high quality product every time. Pop vapor nic salt pakistan.

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Big Apple ICE – POP Vapors NicSalt | 30ml


Big Apple Pop Vapor Nic Salt Pakistan

Big Apple Pop Vapor Nic Salt Pakistan. Big Apple is the classic flavour of tart red apples pressed into a delightfully sweet concentrate with a hit of ice thrown it to keep things interesting. Classic, sweet and delicious!

Mango Strawberry ICED – POP Vapor | 30ml

Mango Strawberry ICED Pop Vapor: Now Available in Salt Nic in Pakistan, A refreshing blend of sweet mango juice and tart strawberry flavors with a kick of icy cold menthol. Tropical mangoes blended together with sweet strawberries and cool menthol to create a perfect all day vape flavor. If you enjoy tropical fruit blends you’ll love Juicy mango strawberry iced Salt Nic pop vapor pakistan!