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Black Panther – Dr Vapes | 30ml


Black Panther Dr Vapes Pakistan

Black Panther Dr Vapes Pakistan. Black Panther salt nic by Dr Vapes Pakistan E Liquid features an innovative glow in the dark bottle, the first and ONLY one of its kind in the game. Experience flavours from all corners of the world with Havana tobacco, enriched with whirls of smooth Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, topped off with sticky, velvety peaks of melted Turkish ice cream. Created with the true vape connoisseur in mind. The Black Panther Salt Nic by Dr Vapes Pakistan is sure to give you a taste you won't forget.  

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN | Pod juice 30ml

Shop Blueberry Muffin by Pod Juice E-Liquid, capturing the delicious flavor of freshly baked muffins with blueberries in a synthetic nicotine salt blend. **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use** Note: This Flavor is now formulated with Tobacco-Free Nicotine, synthetic nicotine not derived from tobacco leaves. This may result in a different experience as TFN can reduce the harshness profile typically in regular E-Liquids.




Johnny Creampuff - Blueberry by Tinted Brew takes a dollop of magnificent blueberry infused custard and injects it into a warm fluffy creampuff shell to create a delectable dessert flavor, in vape juice form.



Caramel Tobacco Blvk Salt Pakistan

Caramel Tobacco Salt by BLVK Unicorn takes rich notes of thick caramel, combining it with the essence of rolled tobacco leaves to create a tasty invigorating vape experience that will leave the taste buds longing for the next vape session.

Cubano – VGOD SaltNic | 30ml


Cubano Salt Nic pakistan

Cubano Salt by VGOD SaltNic E-Liquid is mainly a tobacco flavored blend of nicotine salt, borrowing hints of rich creamy vanilla and smooth smoky tobacco notes to create a flavor for those trying to quit analog Rockstar Vapor have a wide range of Vgod salt nic in pakistan we are delivering top quality cubano salt nic vgod in pakistan at best price in pakistan.



Cubano Black Salt Nic Pakistan

More robust tobacco, more rich and creamy vanilla custard, and more nic for your low wattage device. In 25mg and 50mg SaltNic and Back in Black, Cubano Black delivers. Rockstar Vapor is the leading vape store in pakistan we are delivering top quality vgod e liquid in pakistan and cubano black salt nic pakistan is one of our best selling vgod e liquid in pakistan.



Vgod Nic Salt in Pakistan

VGOD’s third edition to their notable Cubano Line is the Cubano Silver now available in SaltNic for you to enjoy in your low wattage refillable pod system. It is a delectable bold Cuban cigar flavor infused with a vanilla custard that gives way to hints of brown sugar and honey. It is incredibly smooth, rich and full of flavor for a satisfying all day vape. Available in 50mg nicotine strength. Rockstar Vapor have the best Vgod e liquid in pakistan at best price. We are delivering top quality vgod nic salt in pakistan.



Honeydew Blvk Salt Pakistan

Honeydew Nicotine Salt by BLVK Unicorn presents juicy honeydew melon chunks combined with a plethora of mixed berries for a flavor explosion.

Lemon – Johnny Creampuff Salt | 30ml

The Lemon Johnny Creampuff Salt Pakistan is a dessert-flavored vape juice for all cream flavor fans. This juice tastes like a light puff pastry with a full-bodied rich cream filling. Available nic salt strength: 35mg in Pakistan with Nationwide Delivery including Karachi Islamabad and Lahore.



Pink Cakes Vgod Pakistan

Enjoy a small piece of Hawaiian Paradise Cake with huge flavor in your favorite pod mod. Rockstar Vapor is the leading vape store in pakistan and we have finest vgod e liquid in pakistan and most selling vgod nic salt in pakistan at best price in pakistan.

RICH Tobacco Monster | 30ML

RICH ▪ Tobacco Monster RICH is a Vape for the true Tobacco aficionados looking for a Rich taste.

Royalty II – Vapetasia | 30ml


Royalty ii vapetasia Salt Nic Pakistan

Notes of smooth custard paired with rich nutty flavors followed by creamy vanilla and finished with a subtle earthy flavor that will leave you wanting more. Not quite a tobacco, and not quite a dessert, this juice is the perfect marriage between the two.