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amber heets iqos pakistan - rockstar vapor

Amber Label – HEETS iQOS

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Amber Heets Iqos Pakistan

Amber Label HEETS represent a tobacco blend with the aroma of menthol and wild berries, This is one of the most favorite and the second of the daily tastes.

The pack design is made in purple colors. Sticks for IQOS Purple Label have a pronounced fruity aroma with a light mint note. The original combination pleasantly diversifies the smoking process. Pleasant coolness, a taste of blueberries and currants, a touch of tobacco – this blend distinguishes purple cigarettes from the entire HEETS product line.

HEETS Purple Label Bundle contains a rounded and rich tobacco blend. HEETS is designed to be used exclusively with IQOS. Each bundle contains 10 packs.

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Amber Heets Pakistan

Amber Label HEETS have proven to have the taste of special roasted tobacco with light woody and nutty notes. Smokers who have just switched to IQOS will not be able to catch light woody or nutty notes from the start. It’s just a more or less strong taste, very remotely similar to the taste of cigars, or cigarillos. In principle, suitable for daily use.

This flavor is rather strong, that’s why experienced IQOS users recommend HEETS Amber sticks for those who switch from regular cigarettes to a new way of smoking.

What is IQOS?

Philip Morris international created the IQOS Heated Tobacco technology to give adult smokers a better alternative to smoking.

IQOS Heat not Burn technology heats the tobacco stick, releasing nicotine and tobacco flavor with:

On average 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes*

No smoke and less smell, IQOS has significantly less effect on the air around you than cigarettes.

*Source: Average of the reductions in the concentrations of a broad range of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals measured in the IQOS aerosol compared to those measured in the smoke of more than 1,600 cigarette brands in over 40 countries between 2008 and 2017. Aerosol and smoke collections performed under the Health Canada Intense machine-smoking regime. Reduction calculations exclude nicotine.

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Single pack, 1 Carton (10x packs)


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