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Rockstar is Pakistan’s #1 vape store for IQOS Heets and IQOS accessories. We are proudly amongst the first vape store to bring IQOS Starter Kits and IQOS Heets in Pakistan. Ever since we stock the most authentic and largest collection of Regular IQOS Heets flavors, creation heets, dimensions heets and limited edition IQOS devices for purchase online in Pakistan or from our Vape store in Karachi. Select the flavor of your choice by using this heets flavor guide!

Most of heets customers in Pakistan that I have met are either using Benson, Marlboro Light or Dunhill lights. So we are going to keep the guide simple from strongest to light point of view:

These are some of the legendary flavors in order from high in strength to lowest, this opinion is based on my personal experience of serving heets customers for over 3 years!

  • HEETS Bronze Label – Strongest, great for Marlboro Red Customers
  • HEETS Sienna Label – Strongest, Great for Marlboro Red, or Dunhill Red
  • HEETS Amber Label – Strong enough for Benson hard or Gold Leaf Red
  • HEETS Yellow Label – Medium enough for Benson Lights or Dunhill Lights
  • HEETS Silver Label – Light enough for Dunhill Lights, Marlboro Lights
  • HEETS Turquoise Label – Light, Menthol like Dunhill switch
  • HEETS Purple Label – Light, Menthol like Dunhill switch
  • HEETS Green Zing Label – Light, Menthol like Dunhill switch

If you have made up your mind already which one to buy, check out our IQOS Heets range here! OR read on for details below:

After going through above summary, we will now take you through detailed flavor guide.

Heets Bronze label

HEETS Bronze Label: In my opinion, Bronze Label Heets is the strongest because it does taste like a blend close to Cigars, Pipe tobacco, or the famous captain black! You will find taste of cocoa and chocolate in it that blends quite well with strong tobacco, goes well with your black coffee!


HEETS Sienna Label: Sienna is a serious adjusted rounded tobacco with woody and light tea fragrance. It is usually considered strongest amongst all.

Heets Amber label

HEETS Amber Label: Amber Label Heets is one of my favorite and to be honest it is the top selling Heets in Pakistan. In my opinion, it is considered to be the strongest and it tastes stronger than Bronze to me. That is why we recommend it to all Benson hard and gold leaf lovers, it helps them quite smoking as it offers similar hardcore tobacco taste to them just like their cigarette.

Heets Yellow Label

HEETS Yellow Label: Yellow Label heets is a smooth tobacco mix. Simply put, it is the light or medium version of amber. I must tell you it is the 2nd most selling flavor after amber heets in Pakistan.

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HEETS Silver Label:  Silver Label heets could be considered light version of amber. It is one of the smoothest tobacco like a traditional tobacco but with light as a breeze. Recommended for light cigarette users.

Heets Turquoise Label

HEETS Turquoise Label: Turquoise Label Heets is a refreshing tobacco with good amount of menthol over zesty notes. It keeps you cool in summer.

Heets Purple Label

HEETS Purple Label: if you maintain refreshing tobacco and menthol from Turquoise but remove zesty notes while adding some berries you get Heets Purple Label! Another sensation to the mint club!

Heets Green Label

HEETS Green Zing Label: Light toasted tobacco, refreshing citrus over spices and herbs is what defines Green Zing, it is great for summer for light smokers or for fun at the French beach in Karachi!

You can buy our entire range of IQOS Heets in Pakistan for purchasing online for same day delivery in Karachi, overnight across Pakistan or simply visit our vape shop near you in Karachi OR give you us a Call / Whatsapp: 0333-2778763 to make a purchase. You can buy a single pack, or a carton of 10 packs. It’s your choice.

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