Tailored house

  • Strawberry Crunch – Tailored House | 100ml


    Strawberry Crunch Tailored House Pakistan

    Rockstar brings strawberry Crunch by Tailored House to Pakistan, A  rich vanilla bean ice cream stuffed between two buttery sugar cookies, dusted in warm brown sugar. This is personally one of our favorites juices. We have tried a lot and this one is amazing, and probably the most popular juice vaped in dessert category. The sugar cookie aspect is a great addition. It aids in how well rounded and full bodied this flavor is and gives it buttery notes throughout. The exhale is a strawberry cream and is spot on to the real thing. The strawberry almost taste subtle because it’s so authentic. Not strawberry candy, not sweet strawberry, but a real and genuine, freshly picked strawberry flavor that compliments the rich creamy exhale perfectly and gives it a little extra sweetness. The cream is amazing. If any juice brand can make creams that taste like you’re eating whipped cream it’s Tailored House. Truly a fantastic juice. A must try for bakery, strawberry and cream lovers. You won’t be disappointed!

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